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Responsible Travel tour with V.E.O, the fist try, the first feeling so high

If you are young, you can have your own choice and own way to move. I choose Vietnam is a destination and the Responsible Travel tour with V.E.O for may period of young.

I made a dicision to join in Volunteer for Education. My friends said, you paid a big time for that, and they not sure about the things that I will see in the place I go, and the people I met. But, all of that feeling as through, when I can see the real Vietnam, do voluntary works with all our our beloved vietamese, I feel may choice was great.  

Coi Village was the first destination I join with Volunteer For Education. Such an amazing place with the beauty of natures, kind and friendly peole and lovely kids. And that trips was not a normal travelling style that I often do with my close friend and family.  

First Experience with the real life of Vietnam.  

I join in the supporting team, this team we helped local prepare the food. It was a special time when the luna year was coming. I spend my time with Vietnamese volunteers to make the local cake, food, it was an amaizing experience.  

First trying to make Chung cake preparation :X 

The social experience, however was fantastic, and allowed us to connect with many people/ make new friends. The trip also got a lot of younger volunteers out of their comfort zones, as some had never traveled much before and had shy personalities… and the gala night was a fun way to bond with everyone.  

Volunteering is the way I feeling so great  

I was fall in love with the children at the village. Their smile were so cutes. Most of them came from the very poor family. And I love the kids over-there, they were all so cute, and look them I can see the happiness when we go to their village.  

Vietnamese friend always make me smile

We donate the cake for the children

Teambuilding was a great chane to me to connecting with friends 

The local food was so great  

If you want to go fast, go alone, I want to go far, I go with V.E.O 😀  

The lovely kids in Coi Village  

I made my own cake :X  

Yes, Better education …brighter life  

 I love this slogan, I could see the things that the kids achieved when we go and support them. The best memory with Vietnamese friends, kids, local people and with Volunteer for Education Organization (V.E.O). I will be back soon.  

Samma from USA  



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