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Responsible travel Trip with V.E.O in Mai Chau, I know I will go back one day.

I am a little girl, with little things that I brings from the university, I would take my chance to join in a volunteer trip.  

The first stop in Mai Chau gate way  

It was a crazy with a girl like me that after graduation, I should find a job. But, no, I choose my own way, that is doing something I want to do before spending all time for the job.  

Yes, that was so right decision, and I tried a Responsible travel trip with Volunteer for Education Organization in Mai Chau.  

The first time I met a lot of young girls and boys like my age, they also don’t know together before but when they join the trip, all of us feel that we knew together somewhere else in the world.  

Do you know where am I? :X 

Fantastic trip with strange friends  

Yes, that right, we came from different provinces, different universities, and event different countries. But, when we got on the trips, all of us make fun, played games and did a lot of volunteer works, that made us feeling so closed.  

 This is the first time I met her, but It seemed that we know together thousand years ago 

I still remember the best jump on the pictures, the beaty of nature in mai chau, the funny man that I met in the trip, and the little smile from little kids in the villages.  

 The beauty of Mai Chau 

The great street food in Mai Chau 

The tradition clothes we tried in Mai Chau 😡 

Doing volunteer, joining in the challenge with team building game, big gala night concert, all of that activities made my trip memorable.  

Culture exchange, hand in hand we sing with camp-fire 

Learning from the journey, yes, that right, I tried. Now, I know the way I can do for my life, and I understand that all the things. I tried in responsible travel tours will be the best things I learn from the journey. See you all my beloved friends, local people in the next trips.  



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