01205-081-088 info@volunteerforeducation.org
01205-081-088 info@volunteerforeducation.org



How to register for VEO program?

Access V.E.O website or Fanpage to update and receive fully information about all programs that V.E.O is now running at the moment or call directly to VEO hotline for free advice.

Is there any age limited?

VEO responsible travel program open to any ages. However, children under 14 when joining our trip must be accepted and observed by their parents..

Where would I go for registation?

To make your registration be more convenience, VEO open various online and offline registration channel, including:
– Direct registration at website volunteerforeducation.org
– Direct registration at Fanpage VEO with separate link
– Come to any VEO office to complete the registration and fee payment: BKHUP Co-working Space, 3 floor, 17A Ta Quang Buu street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.
– Direct registration with VEO Ambassador at the university where you’re studying or living nearby.

When can I come to VEO for registration?

VEO opening hour: 08.30 – 18.00 from Monday to Friday.

Is there any time limited for trip registration?

To guarantee the most valued benefit for our volunteer, we always encourage you to register as soon as possible to receive the most satisfy promotion & offer from VEO.Follow our website to update about time and schedule of any journeys so you could arrange your time for any upcoming trips.
Please remember, VEO trips tend to run out of booking very soon and the registration list will be closed every Thursday so making early registration is the best way to make sure you will be there on the journey with us.

Can we make group registration?

We encourage people especially the young to join voluntary work and responsible travel experience. With us, age, distance, class, race don’t make any difference but the spirit to contribute for the development of our society does. So don’t hesitate to join us, even if you’re alone or you got your gang ready.

Does VEO volutnteer have uniform?

Purple is VEO unique color to recognize us, from our logo to sticker and now our uniform. You can definitely get the unique purple uniform when you come to VEO office to complete registration process or you can buy your own during the journey.


What to prepare?

Regularly, the trip will be 2 days 1 night, so please remember to check the weather and take with you suitable clothes for team building and voluntary activities. Also, don’t forget to take your travel kits, sun spray, and insect spray.

Noticeably, during the trip there are a lots of activities that require you to stay outdoor and travel continuously so please try to take only necessary stuffs.

How to receive information about the upcoming trip?

Right after you completed the registration and payment, you will automatically receive the confirmation email from VEO. Simultaneously, you will be added into the group that suitable with your desire and ability so that you could discuss with your team during the preparation period.

Is there any training section before the trip for volunteer?

Before every trip, VEO will hold a team meeting for all joining volunteer at 18.00 every Monday. The will be a brief about the place, the voluntary activities and following information for each team in the trip. Your main mission will be given on the meeting too.

How would I join the voluntary activities?

Once successfully registered to be volunteer, you will be asked to give out your desire as well as your strength or even hidden talent, so VEO could assign you into the most suitable team, as following:

Logistic team: Reconstruct & improve local and educational facilities

Teaching team: Teach and inspire mountainous kids through various educational activities and lessons.

Galanight team: Plan and organize the gala night for the trip

Marketing team: Record the trip by taking photo, filming video, writing news report or any other kind of content marketing.

What happen if I could not join the trip?

To guarantee the benefit for volunteer, VEO conducted responsible travel program policies, as below:

Volunteer makes cancellation 5 days before the trip, you receive back 80% of your payment

Volunteer makes cancellation 5 days before the trip, you receive back 50% of your payment

Volunteer makes cancellation 1 days before the trip, your payment will be automatically moved to our fund for ‘Education to village’ project, or we could arrange you for other alternative trips.

What happen if the trip is cancelled due to bad weather or other cause?

In case the trip is cancelled due to unexpected cause, VEO will contacts all joining volunteer about the cancellation and support you during the process to choose other alternative trips.

How could I know who is in my team?

According to volunteer desire and the mission you’ve been assigned, VEO will connect you with other members through Facebook group, where you are received specific tasks and allow to discuss anything relevant to the trip with your team.

Where will I stay?

Volunteers joining VEO trip will live in traditional ethnic homestay.

Is there any contact point to call when i'm lost?

VEO hotline is always with you. Call us anytime during the trip so that we could be with you when needed.

Also, each team will be guided by 1 VEO mentor, who will control and manage team workload. So please remember to save your mentor’s phone number.


When will I receive my certificate?

Every 2 months, VEO will organize a Reunion meeting for those volunteers whom have attends our program. In the event, you will not only reunion your team but recall so many memory, share your thought and passion about the trip as well as about volunteering in general. You will also receive the certificateto confirm you’ve complete the voluntary journey with us.

Is there any promotion or offer if I re-register to join VEO program?

VEO passport – the passport for those whom interested in travelling & volunteering is the indispensable mate for traveler. It allows you to travel unlimited with numerous offers from VEO and hour partner. Every time you travel with us, you will receive 1 check-in stamp, the more stamp you get, the more discount % you get.

I want to share my thouhgt about VEO reponsible trip, where should I send it?

One of those VEO always appreciate is your kind, your love, and your thought about us. Every single moment you have & memory you get stay in not only our camera but our heart.

Feel free to send us what do you think about the trip as well as VEO through our email: project@volunteerforeducation.org or inbox us via fanpage Volunteer for Education.

How to become a part of VEO?

Joining our responsible travel program means you are officially become 1 of more than 10,000 VEO volunteer within Vietnam & worldwide.

Besides, we always have seasonal recruitment and internship recruitment. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our fanpage & website to never miss any opportunities.