01205-081-088 info@volunteerforeducation.org
01205-081-088 info@volunteerforeducation.org


V.E.O would like to build a bank for fundraising including people who need help and desire to get help from the community through real activities. In each case, V.E.O will have programs and appropriate forms of assistance. V.E.O hopes to be a bridge to connect donations of individuals, organizations towards a lot of the people who needed help.

We will help you find the case, appropriate circumstances in your ability to help them. Each job, each action is small. But the goal is not only brings to disadvantaged people immediate benefits, but also gives them the long-term interests to take a life more positive and sustainable life in the future.

With the message “ Better Education…Brighter Life” V.E.O hope will contribute significantly to the sustainable development as well as build a sustainable and peaceful Viet Nam without poverty, without illiterate.