01205-081-088 info@volunteerforeducation.org
01205-081-088 info@volunteerforeducation.org

Tran Quang Hung



Mr. Tran Quang Hung is famous for his both achievements and social activities. Having experience working for the United Nations, in 2013, he was the only Vietnamese who was invited to join in World Economic Forum in Davos (Swiss) and Myanmar. Even is his time as a high school, Hung was a famous Union leader of Amsterdam high school. His time in Bowdoin College, USA, he was the Head of VietAbroader Business Conference, where young business talents gather. He came back to Vietnam after that, and together with the elites of Standford and Massachusetts University, they established a company which provide online examination for officers, a project which was underrated by so many people since the executives was too young. Beside from his main job, Hung co-founded VEO, aim to bring the goodness to the whole community.

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